Remnant 2 Blood Moon Spawn Trigger Appear Red

Remnant 2 Blood Moon Spawn: How to Trigger Red Moon

The Remnant 2 blood moon spawn is a rather confusing mechanic with players wondering how to trigger it to appear. Many areas in Yaesha change under the effects of the blood moon, otherwise known as a red moon. In particular, Blood Moon Essence is a necessary ingredient that you can get from wisps that only appear during a blood moon, and the Ring of Omens can be only be obtained through a door that opens during this time. There’s a lot of conflicting information and rumors in the community about how to make the red moon appear consistently. Here are the chances for a blood moon spawn in Remnant 2.

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How to trigger Remnant 2 blood moon spawn

To trigger a blood moon spawn, you can try the following strategies and solutions that have been shared in the general player community for the game:

  • Head to a side dungeon in Yaesha and go between the fog wall as many times as necessary to trigger the blood moon.
  • If there is no blood moon, go through one of the gold glowing portals into another zone and then turn around to see if there’s a red sky. If not, head back into the overworld and try again.
  • Teleport to Ward 13 and then back to Yaesha repeatedly.
  • Re-roll Yaesha in adventure mode until you get a red moon.
  • On your console or PC, advance the clock by an hour and re-enter Yaesha and see if this triggers the blood moon.

All of these methods essentially share the same tactic of resetting Yaesha as many times as needed to force the blood moon to appear.

That said, it is believed that there’s a hidden timer or cooldown bar that controls when the blood moon spawns. How long this countdown will be is completely random, but it is apparently anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours. In other words, there’s some RNG luck involved, which is why changing the system clock of the console or PC may be the best solution of the methods above.

The mysterious world of Yaesha is also home to the unusual bird nest puzzle where a giant bird blocks a path.

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