Remnant 2 Fruit of Death

Remnant 2 Fruit of Death: How to Get Item for Lifeless Heart Relic

The Remnant 2 Fruit of Death is a necessary item to find in following the steps on how to get the secret Lifeless Heart relic. The Fruit of Death is quite difficult to obtain, mainly because the process can be a bit obtuse, though that’s par for the course when it comes to this Soulslike game. You’ll need to perform several specific actions and obtain a certain amulet as well. You’ll also need to be prepared before using the fruit in your inventory. Here’s how to get the Fruit of Death in Remnant 2.

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How to get Remnant 2 Fruit of Death

To earn the Fruit of Death, these are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Head to Yaesha and locate the Ravager’s Lair where you’ll need to fight the Corrupted Ravager boss
  2. At the start of the boss, kill the Doe when you’re given the option. This will allow you to grab the Ravager’s Mark amulet. (This is similar to the process of getting the Broken Antler.)
  3. Teleport to the Forgotten Grove waypoint that’s close to the Bedel of the Vaunn merchant.
  4. Go to the Ravager-Doe statue, equip the Ravager’s mark amulet, and watch as a door in the ground opens up while the statue moves.
  5. Drop through the opening and you’ll come upon a tomb. Here you’ll find an altar that has the Fruit of Death upon it.

In order to receive the Lifeless Heart relic, you’ll need to interact with the Fruit of Death consumable item three times. However, make sure that you are in a good state before you eat it, since using it will instantly kill you. That’s not a surprise given that the fruit’s description says that biting into it “would surely mean death.” You’ll then be teleported to the last checkpoint like a normal death. Do this two more times, and you’ll find the relic.

The Lifeless Heart relic will heal your character for 30 health over 0.5 seconds and double your total Relic capacity. As such, it’s a very important item to obtain if you want to have multiple builds based on relics, like the powerful Void Heart Relic.

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