Remnant 2 World's Edge Apocalypse Weapon How to Get Unlock

Remnant 2 World’s Edge: How to Unlock Apocalypse Weapon

The Remnant 2 World’s Edge is without question one of the best melee weapons in the game. This Apocalypse weapon has incredible base attack power with increased stagger, critical hit chance, and weak spot damage. But the process of how to get it is a difficult one and will challenge even the best players of the game. Here’s how to unlock the World’s Edge weapon in Remnant 2.

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How to get the Remnant 2 World’s Edge

To obtain the World’s Edge greatsword in Remnant 2, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. Finish the game on Standard difficulty – This will unlock Apocalypse difficulty setting.
  2. Reroll the campaign on Apocalypse difficulty – This will reset the story so that you can complete the game over again.
  3. Then finish the new campaign on Apocalypse difficulty – Precisely, this means killing the final boss, Annihilation.
  4. Purchase World’s Edge from Brabus’s shop – In any new playthrough of the game, return to Ward 13 where the greatsword will be available at Brabus’s shop for the incredibly low price of 750 Scrap.

Even if you happen to delete the character you used to complete the game again on Apocalypse difficulty, the World’s Edge will still be available for purchase from the shop.

Created from the fragments of the shattered World Stone itself, the World’s Edge deals 101 damage at base and has a Critical Hit Chance of 6%, increased Weak Spot Damage of 85%, and a Stagger Modifier of a whopping 80%. If that wasn’t enough, it comes with the Horizon Strike weapon mod that creates a horizontal slash that can deal 116 damage to all enemies in its path.

The weapon does not have any Mutators, so you can modify the World’s Edge with a mutator of your choice. Like other special melee weapons, the World’s Edge can be upgraded up to 10 times using various amounts of Scrap, Lumenite Crystal, Iron (like Hardened Iron), and Simulacrum.

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