Baldur's Gate 3 Concealed Hatch Doni Emerald Grove Location

Baldur’s Gate 3 Concealed Hatch: How to Open Doni Emerald Grove Entrance

The Baldur’s Gate 3 concealed hatch is found in Emerald Grove, but it’s locked tight if you discover it. A small cutscene with a tiefling child named Doni will appear while you’re walking down the path to the druid’s sacred grove. Passing a Perception check at the end of the scene will reveal a concealed hatch, but there’s no way to get through it. Like the Refectory door from the Dank Crypt, the entrance is highlighted in red and cannot be torn down or lockpicked. Here’s how to unlock this concealed hatch in BG3.

How to open Baldur’s Gate 3 concealed hatch

To open the concealed hatch in Emerald Grove, you need to complete a story quest called Investigate the Beach that can be found at the Secluded Cove, or you need to find a secret entrance to the hideout.

We’ll start with the secret entrance first. Further down the path from Doni, you can wrap around past the child vendor who tries to sell you a ring to a small entrance. If your character is small enough, like a Gnome or Halfing (or is disguised as one), or potentially if you have a spellcaster with the Reduce spell on hand, you can head inside and pop open the lock on the concealed hatch from the inside.

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Otherwise, for the Investigate the Beach quest, if you make your way down the steps to the druid’s sacred grove and gain entrance, you can make a sharp turn to the left. This rocky road will lead you down a path toward the beach, and along the way you’ll hear mysterious music. This will trigger the “Investigate the Beach” quest, drawing you toward a child that has been enthralled by harpies.

Saving the child from the monsters isn’t too difficult, and the harpies will go down easily if you have access to the Silence spell or perhaps even a Sussur weapon. Not soon after you’ll have to find Doni again at Emerald Grove. Before doing that, though, we recommend exploring the area for loot, particularly the harpies’ nest and other paths that you can jump to so you can find additional treasures.

Once you find Doni back at his spot before, he’ll finally let you in through the concealed hatch. It’s essentially a tiefling hideout where you can talk to the kids (great for the Urchin background) and finish the quest.

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