Baldurs Gate 3 Beat Grym Easily

Baldur’s Gate 3 Grym: How to Beat the Forge Boss Easily in One Round

Taking on the forge boss, Grym, in Baldur’s Gate 3 is tough. It’s most likely the toughest enemy you’ve faced to this point, and you have to deal with environmental hazards. However, if you plan correctly, you can take him down easily. In fact, with the right equipment and abilities, I was able to beat Grym within one turn in BG3.

How to beat Grym, the forge boss, in Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldurs Gate 3 Beat Grym Hammer

The easiest way to beat Grym, the forge boss in Baldur’s Gate 3, is to use the hammer in the middle of the arena. However, depending on your difficulty level, it can take multiple strikes to get a kill. Making things more complicated is that Grym has to be in Superheated status for you to cause damage to it. Juggling activating the lava when needed, getting Grym under the hammer, and triggering it can get complicated quickly. Fortunately, you can make things a lot simpler by just beating the forge boss in one cycle.

To beat Grym easy, you need to do some prep work by following these steps:

  • Get your two most powerful physical fighters fitted with your best bludgeoning weapons.
  • When you lower the forge platform, ungroup your party and place them like this:
  • Put a long-range specialist by the lever to drop the hammer.
  • Place a party member with a long-range ability (of any kind) in the middle.
  • Put your two melee fighters on either side of the lava channel where Grym spawns.
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Ideally, your whole party will get to act before Grym. If this is the case, immediately switch to the character in the middle and use a ranged attack on the boss. Grym should set this party member as its “Prime Target,” which will aggro it toward them.

Now, your goal during the first turn is to hit Grym hard with physical attacks before it moves toward the middle. With some luck, you should be able to knock around half its health off. Then, when Grym moves into the middle, your character there just needs to tank one attack.

When your party’s turn comes back around, move your party member in the center to safety, then switch to the one that’s been chilling by the hammer lever. Have them throw it, and Grym will take massive damage. If you were able to get its HP down low enough, this should be an instant kill.

However, if the RNG gods weren’t kind, you might have to do a bit more damage to take it out. If this is the case, continue hitting it with bludgeon attacks. In a pinch, thunder, cold, and force element attacks will also work but will only cause half damage.

It might take a few tries to get this right, as it requires favorable dice to pull off. Again, remember that Grym has to be Superheated to be damaged, so if it loses that status, you’ll need to hit the lava wheel and make sure it steps into it again.

Also, don’t be afraid to start this fight over. There are a lot of variables that go into getting a one-round victory against Gyrm in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Good positioning is critical, and timing is everything in this encounter. Also, remember to hover over Grym with the mouse and watch when his Superheated status will end. Keep in mind everyone’s experience may differ based on the character builds they have chosen. It’s all about adapting to the situation. Don’t get discouraged if the first attempt fails. Adapt, strategize, and strike back with even greater force. With patience and perseverance, Grym will fall, and the spoils of the Adamantine Forge will be yours.

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