Remnant 2 Trait Point Cap Increase Increased

Remnant 2 Trait Point Cap Increase: Will The Cap Be Increased Past 60?

A Remnant 2 trait point cap increase is highly requested by fans. The current threshold for trait points is 60, which is far cry from the much larger cap in the original game which is around 640 points. Many players say that this tighter cap means that there isn’t a lot of build variety, considering that many traits are considered required for any reasonable build. So then, will developer Gunfire Games be increasing this cap in the future. Here’s what we know so far about a potential trait point cap in Remnant 2 in a later patch.

Will the Remnant 2 trait points cap be increased?

While it’s not set in stone, it looks like Gunfire Games will be adding a trait point cap increase in the future.

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In an official post by the developer on Reddit and Discord, it makes it clear that the “Trait Point amount of 60 isn’t set in stone.” In fact, the thread also suggests that the cap amount “could be 60, 75, etc.”)

The post also shares that the original trait point cap was actually 50 during playtesting and was increased for the full launch. This is evidence that Gunfire Games isn’t beyond increasing this cap in the future. We imagine that this is most likely to happen when there’s new DLC, new bosses, a harder difficulty setting, or some kind of additional content released for Remnant 2.

On the other side, Gunfire Games further explains that the trait point cap allowed it to add Traits it could never had in the original Remnant, such as Strong Back, Regrowth, and Ammo Reserves. It says that all the gear currently in the game is designed around the cap of 60. It warns that if the cap is pushed too far that it will invalidate certain builds as well some of the accessories and Trinkets that supplement traits.

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