Remnant 2 Ring of Omens How to Get Misty Step Dodge

Remnant 2 Ring of Omens: How to Get Misty Step Dodge

The Remnant 2 Ring of Omens has several hidden properties that are highly coveted, particularly its ability to grant players a misty step dodge. On the surface, the ring only allows you to evade at the cost of 15X max health as grey health instead of stamina. However, the ring also bypass all weight requirements, allowing to dodge with the heaviest armor as if it were light. Its dodge can then be upgraded further to a misty step. However, the process of how to get the Ring of Omens is complicated. Fortunately, we’ve got a breakdown of how to get the misty step dodge in Remnant 2.

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How to get the Remnant 2 Ring of Omens misty step dodge

To earn the Ring of Omens and learn the misty step dodge, you’ll need to follow the steps below:

  1. Head to the Cathedral of Omens during Blood Moon – The Cathedral of Omens can be found in Yaesha. The Blood Moon, or red moon, occurs randomly, but you can go to the cathedral and return to Ward 13 if the red moon is absent. You can then select “Return to Last Checkpoint” as many times as you need to get the Blood Moon to appear.
  2. Solve Cathedral of Omens puzzle – When you head to the area’s central chamber, pull the first lever that you see. Then go to the lever on the right and pull it four times. This will open the door behind you, where the Blood Moon door on the floor will open and allow you to grab the Ring of Omens.
  3. Obtain one of six special amulets – To activate the misty step dodge, you need to pair the ring with one of any six unique amulets found in Yaesha. This includes the Full Moon Circlet, Necklace of Flowing Life, Red Doe Sigil, Talisman of the Sun, Death’s Embrace, and Ravager’s Mark.

You can build a powerful build using the Ring of Omens by pairing it with relics and rings that provide shields or increase regular or gray health regeneration. And of course you can use the toughest armor in the game too.

For more Remnant 2 guides, here’s a detailed breakdown of the Archon archetype skills and traits, and how to defeat the Bloat King solo.

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