Remnant 2 Bird Nest Puzzle

Remnant 2 Bird Nest Puzzle: Why Is The Bird Not Moving?

A Remnant 2 bird nest puzzle is giving players trouble as they explore the woods of Yaesha. This bird nest can appear randomly in the Withering Weald, Forbidden Grove, or Far Woods, though players may not even see the nest in their playthrough of the game. However, a giant blue bird is blocking the entrance of the nest and no amount of shuffling around the bird will get it to move. Here’s what you need to do to solve the bird nest puzzle in Remnant 2 and claim the Kuri Kuri Charm accessory as a reward.

How to solve Remnant 2 bird nest puzzle

To complete the bird nest puzzle and get the giant bird to move, you need to explore the map around the nest enough so that you hear the bird squawk.

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It’s unclear what actually triggers the bird to yell, but it looks like there’s a hidden timer somewhere that has the bird leave after you spend enough time in the area. At any rate, while you explore the region, you will hear the bird caw, indicating that it has left the nest. If you return to the nest, you will finally find that the entrance is free. Just make sure that you run back to the nest after you hear the bird yell without using fast travel.

If you find that the bird still hasn’t moved after you have spent more than 20 minutes scouring Yaesha, you can attempt to get the bird to move by dying, reloading the area, or slaying some of the red birds flapping around. Doing this does not guarantee that the bird will leave, but it may help.

For your efforts, you’ll find the Kuri Kuri Charm amulet resting next to some eggs in the nest. The amulet has the following effect: For every 10% of health missing (up to 50%), your character will gain 10% increased Relic Use Speed and a 7% chance to not consume a Relic Charge.

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