Baldur's Gate 3 Philomeen Hiding Spot How to Find

Baldur’s Gate 3 Philomeen Hiding Spot: How to Find Deep Gnome for Find Explosives Quest

The Baldur’s Gate 3 Philomeen Hiding Spot is shown on the map during the Find Explosives quest, but figuring out how to find this sneaky deep gnome can be tough. The Underdark is an area with many stairs, craggy rocks, double iron doors, and winding pathways, so it’s easy to get lost along the path to the hiding spot. Reaching Philomeen will also require you to unlock several passages and passing a skill check. Here’s how to find Philomeen through the Underdark in BG3.

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How to find Baldur’s Gate 3 Philomeen hiding spot

The following steps will lead you to the Philomeen hiding spot:

  1. Select the Underdark – Grymforge waypoint from the map
  2. Go down the stairs and head left past the stairs that go up
  3. Unlock the first set of double iron doors using Thieves’ Tools with a DC 14 Sleight of Hand check
  4. In the back corner of the room, pass a Perception check to find a button on the wall that has a hidden door appear
  5. Make a quick left to another set of double iron doors and go up the rocky path, preparing yourself for a fight
  6. Defeat the oozes and head up the stairs, making a left at the T-junction
  7. Follow the rock path and jump over the gap
  8. Locate the Intricate Door, but instead of lockpicking it, continue past it to a path that goes around the door to the left
  9. Head through the open blasted wall and you will find Philomeen

Specifically, Philomeen is located near coordinates X 544, Y 467 in the Abandoned Forge. Walking within about 20 meters of the deep gnome will automatically trigger a cutscene.

Depending on the dialogue options you choose, you will generally need to pass a low Persuasion or Strength check to convince her not to do a specific action (we’re keeping this vague on purpose).

For more Baldur’s Gate 3 guides, there are other items you can find while you’re in the Underdark like the location of Mithril Ore and Sussur Tree Bark.

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