Baldurs Gate 3 Half Orc Names List Male Female Gender Neutral

Baldur’s Gate 3 Half-Orc Names List: What Should I Name My Half-Orc?

If you’re looking for half-orc names for Baldur’s Gate 3, there are not a ton of sources. You can either take the name of another famous orc or go with the most guttural sound you can conjure. We’ve got a list of male, female, and neutral half-orc names below to give you some inspiration.

Baldur’s Gate 3 half-orc names list

We’ve assembled some common orc names for use in Baldur’s Gate 3 below. However, keep in mind that a half-orc’s name might come from the non-orc parent’s language. So, one might have a human, elf, or dwarven name depending on the race of its other parent.

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Male Half-Orc Names

  • Argok
  • Borug
  • Brak
  • Durnar
  • Durok
  • Dushnak
  • Gashnakh
  • Grolnakh
  • Grugnur
  • Gruumshok
  • Gurrak
  • Karg
  • Krekk
  • Krum
  • Krusk
  • Mogrul
  • Nogg
  • Rurgosh
  • Skarn
  • Skrag
  • Thragg
  • Thrull
  • Urgnak
  • Urgrom
  • Zarg

Female Half-Orc Names

  • Agra
  • Baggi
  • Drasna
  • Emen
  • Engong
  • Friga
  • Grenka
  • Hagra
  • Jarka
  • Kansif
  • Myev
  • Narsa
  • Neega
  • Ovak
  • Ownka
  • Shautha
  • Sutha
  • Ugra
  • Vargi
  • Vola
  • Volen
  • Yevelda
  • Yurk
  • Zagra
  • Zorni

Gender-Neutral Half-Orc Names

  • Brusk
  • Drog
  • Drogg
  • Grog
  • Grukk
  • Grunk
  • Grusk
  • Gurrug
  • Kargul
  • Moknok
  • Murg
  • Nargh
  • Nark
  • Rarg
  • Rusk
  • Shargul
  • Skarg
  • Thrak
  • Ugor
  • Ugrak
  • Uruk
  • Vorgok
  • Vork
  • Vug
  • Zogg

As stated above, half-orcs are of mixed ancestry, so they may have a name that doesn’t have an orc origin. Alternatively, their name might be a combination of orc and the language of their other parent.

Also, though the names are split into three categories above, these aren’t hard and fast rules. No one is going to know if your male half-orc fighter “has a girl’s name.” It’s pretty easy to see the pattern to orc names, so you can use these as examples to think up one of your own.

Additionally, their name might reflect a pivotal moment or significant person in their life. A half-orc might choose to take on a new name that represents their strength, resilience, or an important event in their journey.

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