Roblox logo overlaid with the Meta Quest logo and a Quest 2 headset.

The Meta Quest Roblox Beta Has Over 1 Million Downloads Already

Showing that the popular title’s audience is always eager to play it on new platforms, it’s been revealed that the Meta Quest Roblox beta was downloaded over 1 million times in its first five days of release. Having already established itself as a hit with kids worldwide on PC, Xbox One, and mobile devices, the move to Meta Quest headsets represents Roblox’s biggest step yet into the growing VR market.  

The Roblox Open Beta was downloaded over 1 million times in its first five days on Meta’s App Lab

According to a new Twitter post by Roblox CEO David Baszucki, over a million players downloaded the Roblox beta in just its first five days on Meta’s App Lab. Celebrating the massive milestone and signaling the company’s strategy moving forward, Baszucki stated that it was “another step towards Roblox everywhere, on all devices.” Although many Roblox experiences fail to load in the VR version at the moment, this will quickly change as players begin creating content designed specifically for the platform.  

It has technically been possible to play Roblox on the Meta Quest 2 for several years by tethering the headset to a gaming PC using either a wired or wireless connection. Though a viable option for enjoying the game in VR, this process required a level of technical know-how that many of Roblox’s primarily pint-sized players likely lacked. The launch of the Roblox Open Beta on Meta’s App Lab represents the first time the game has been available natively on Quest 2, making hopping into the game in VR easier than ever.

The arrival of the controversial game platform on Meta’s VR headsets is sure to be welcome news for Roblox’s legions of largely adolescent players. And while some older gamers have expressed concerns about their favorite VR titles becoming overloaded with underage players introduced to the tech by Roblox, these fears have largely failed to materialize. Given the immersive nature of VR, though, parents buying a headset for their children may want to familiarize themselves with what Roblox Rule 34 means before setting their little ones loose in the potentially risqué game.

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