SiN Reloaded: two goons standing guard.
Image via Nightdive Studios/Steam.

Sin Remaster Project Is ‘Not Dead,’ Nightdive Confirms

Those who have been waiting for the official remaster of the classic PC game Sin, have no fear. Nightdive Studios says development on the game is still in the pipeline.

System Shock may have got in the way

In a recent post on the developer’s Twitter page (as spotted by Rock Paper Shotgun), Nightdive has acknowledged that updates on Sin: Reloaded have not been forthcoming recently.

The message states that the team has been busy “focusing on other projects” which have taken them away from the game. Whether this refers to the studios’ recent remake of System Shock is not said, but its tumultuous development cycle could well have been one of the reasons for delaying other endeavors.

As such, it’s been made clear that the intended remaster of Sin “isn’t dead” and the developer is intending to carry on with the project “at a later date.”

This modern take on the old-school FPS is also going to “go through some changes,” though there aren’t any specifics about what this means exactly.

Sin: Reloaded was announced back in 2020, so it’s understandable that Nightdive wanted to give some update on its whereabouts, especially for those who feared the remaster had been abandoned all-together.

For those who don’t remember the original, Sin was released in 1998 and was developed in the Quake 2 engine. While a high-octane shooter with plenty of violence and action film-inspired dialogue, it was unfortunately overshadowed when Valve released Half-Life just two weeks later.

While it’s considered something of a cult classic from the old days of PC gaming, Sin has all but been lost to the annals of time, save for older fans’ recall of it. As such, many will be pleased to hear that Nightdive Studios’ remaster of it is still on the horizon.

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