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Overwatch 2 Steam Version Announced, More Blizzard Games to Follow

Blizzard Entertainment has announced that its hit free-to-play shooter Overwatch 2 is coming to Steam on August 10. The popular hero shooter is the first of what Blizzard claims will be several games potentially headed to Valve’s PC platform moving forward.

Overwatch 2 is the first of many Blizzard games potentially headed to the Steam

In a new post on the official Blizzard blog, the company has announced that it will bring Overwatch 2 to Steam on August 10, with other games set to eventually follow in its footsteps. Offering an explanation for the unexpected move, Blizzard’s blog post states that the developer wants to let players “experience our universes with old friends while making new ones, no matter how they choose to play.” Thanks to its August 10 release date, the Steam version will arrive just in time for players to dive into the Overwatch 2: Invasion PvE story update.

Players still have to wait a few weeks before downloading the game on Valve’s service, but the Overwatch 2 Steam page is already live for gamers who want to add it to their wishlist. Overwatch 2 likely won’t be the only Blizzard game coming to Steam in the near future, though. The blog post states that Blizzard hopes to bring “a selection of [its] games” to Steam, and that the developer will share more about other games coming to Steam “when the time is right.” While this may not be the Diablo 4 on Game Pass announcement some Blizzard fans have been hoping for, it’s a major step for Blizzard in terms of making its games more broadly available.

The arrival of games like Overwatch 2 on Steam is likely to be nearly as big of a boon for the PC platform as it is for Blizzard. Valve president Gabe Newell claimed that gamers and developers alike will benefit from Overwatch 2’s arrival on Steam, and the idea of enjoying Blizzard games on Valve’s Steam Deck handheld is sure to appeal to many players. As players wait to see what effect Microsoft’s Activision Blizzard acquisition will have on the developer, at least they’ll soon have more options for enjoying Blizzard’s games.     

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