Starfield: A close-up of the Adoring Fan, as voiced by Craig Sechler.

Oblivion’s ‘Adoring Fan’ Voice Actor Returning for Starfield

Voice actor Craig Sechler has confirmed that he will be reprising his most famous role for Starfield. Namely, he’ll be returning as The Elder Scroll 4: Oblivion’s “Adoring Fan” character.

Who does Craig Sechler voice in Starfield?

Back in the days of Oblivion, Sechler’s role as the starstruck Wood Elf became an instant hit with fans of the game, though not always for the right reasons. Now, in a post on TikTok, the actor has confirmed that he’ll be voicing basically the same character in the upcoming Bethesda space RPG.

The TikTok shows him wearing the TES4 character’s signature blonde hair as Sechler watches a promotional video for Starfield, with the footage showing the sci-fi version of the Adoring Fan.


By azura, by azura! Everyone’s favorite (or least favorite) character is coming back! Bethesda just announced yesterday that the character “Adoring Fan” is returning. Are you excited? #starfield #starfieldgame #adoringfan #theadoringfan #bethesdagamestudios #elderscrolls #oblivion #elderscrollsoblivion #craigsechler

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Sechler then announces: “by Azura! By Azura! By Azura!” – which many of you will instantly recognize – before proclaiming, “I’m back!” He then goes on to say that “Bethesda has outdone themselves” before adding how much he loves his new haircut.

It was already public knowledge that the Adoring Fan would be in Starfield, but we now know that he will be voiced the same person who did the Oblivion character.

For anyone who doesn’t know, TES4’s Adoring Fan was, as the name suggests, an NPC that was a huge fan of you, the main character. After becoming the Grand Champion of the Arena, players are immediately accosted by the Wood Elf, who exlaims, “by Azura!” at seeing their hero. You then had the option of asking him to accompany you, though many used it as an excuse to kill him in humorous ways.

Recently, Microsoft said that Starfield will have the fewest bugs of any Bethesda game, suggesting that pushing the release date back almost a year was the right move. With just a few months until it launches, all eyes are focused on what the Skyrim studio has to offer that isn’t from the Elder Scrolls or Fallout universes.

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