Vampire Survivors Reportedly Has a Drastically Different Directer’s Cut

Hit roguelike bullet hell game Vampire Survivors reportedly has a special edition called the “Directer’s Cut.” And no, that’s no typo, but rather the secret boss character’s name in the game’s current version.

Author and consultant Laura Kate Dale was attending an event for Vampire Survivors’ upcoming co-op mode when she was taken aside to be shown the Directer’s Cut, which is supposedly a very different beast to the base game.

What is Vampire Survivors Directer’s Cut?

In a tweet thread, Dale shows images and footage of the Directer’s Cut in action. It features wild new characters, stages, weapons, accessories, and evolutions not found in the base game.

Unfortunately, the developer said it currently has no plans to release this version of the game, so this might be as good a glimpse as we get of it for now.

The co-op event comes ahead of the game’s Nintendo Switch debut on August 17, 2023, and will see four players able to team up to slay hordes of evil together for the first time.

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