Payday 3 Closed Beta

Payday 3 Closed Beta Coming Soon to Xbox and PC

Deep Silver and Starbreeze have announced a Payday 3 closed beta that’s coming soon to Xbox Series X|S and PC via Steam. While the full game will also be released on PS5 and Epic Games Store, neither will be able to take part in the beta period and there is no mention of whether a beta will ever be available on these platforms.

Here’s the Payday 3 closed beta start date

The Payday 3 closed beta will begin on August 2 and will run until August 7. Only one heist will be available during the beta. “No Rest For The Wicked” sees players trying to rob a small bank with a choice of carrying out the heist in a stealthy manner or going in with all guns blazing. The mission can be tried on all of the difficulty levels the game will offer at launch.

Players will be able to team up as the original Payday gang members — Dallas, Hoxton, Chains, and Wolf — each of whom will come with their own unique skillset. The beta will halt player progress at Infamy Level 22 and Weapon Level Progression 8. Neither Starbreeze nor Deep Silver mentioned whether this progress will carry over to the full game when it is released, although this is unlikely.

Players who are interested in applying for a chance to join the closed beta can do so via the game’s Steam page or through the Xbox Insider app. Alternatively, those who want to play the game before its September 21 release date can apply for the chance to fly out to the developer’s native land of Sweden to play the launch version of the game early. If that sounds like too much work, three days of early access to Payday 3 is being offered to those who buy the Silver or Gold editions of the game.

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