Hells Paradise Episode 5 Release Date and Time Crunchyroll

Hell’s Paradise Episode 5 Release Date and Time on Crunchyroll

The upcoming Hell’s Paradise Episode 5 release date and time on Crunchyroll is just days away. In the last episode, we learned a bit more about the mysterious land and its creatures, but we’re still far from understanding what’s going on. We’ll likely have more questions than answers as the gang moves further inland.

When is Hell’s Paradise Episode 5 coming out on Crunchyroll?

The release date for Hell’s Paradise Episode 5 is Saturday, April 29, 2023. Expect it to hit Crunchyroll at these times:

  • 8:30 am PDT
  • 11:30 am EDT
  • 4:30 pm BST
  • 5:30 pm CEST
  • 12:30 am JST 4/30
  • 1:30 am AET 4/30

Be aware these times are approximate. It might take a few minutes for the episode to post. So, if it’s not there, just refresh the page periodically until it’s there.

What happened in Episode 4?

Reacapping Hell’s Paradise Episode 4, Gantetsusai recalled an incident where he offended a daimyo and landed a death sentence. In the present, he and Asaemon Fuchi arrive on the island, planning to eliminate competition and search for the Elixir of Life. Meanwhile, Gabimaru and Sagiri fight monsters, and Gabimaru saves Sagiri while remaining focused on his goal. They encounter the criminal kunoichi Yuzuriha, who offers information in exchange for protection. Gabimaru reluctantly agrees to partner with her after learning her true motivation for surviving. Sagiri faints from exhaustion while other criminals and their Asaemon also continue their search on the island.

In the B story, Toma infiltrates the Yamada clan to reunite with his criminal brother Chobei. Currently, the brothers face the island’s monsters, with Chobei showing great adaptability. Surprisingly, the monsters begin preaching against murder, Chobei becomes enraged and slaughters them, determined to find the Elixir of Life.

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