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Is the Minecraft Movie Coming to Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Disney Plus?

The live-action Minecraft movie now has an official release date, but will the film be available to stream and watch online on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, or somewhere else entirely? While nothing has been officially confirmed just yet, and the scarce details only include Jason Momoa as a member of the cast, we can make some predictions based on the movie studio behind the upcoming blockbuster.

Will the Minecraft movie stream on Netflix?

The Minecraft movie is unlikely to be available on Netflix, because it is a Warner Bros. project. As has been the case with Warner Bros. movies in the past, the film will eventually arrive on the HBO Max platform towards the end of its theatrical release window.

Is the Minecraft movie going to be available on Amazon Prime Video?

The Minecraft movie will eventually be available via Amazon Prime, but will likely come with a rental fee or purchase price. It likely won’t be streaming for free on Prime Video due to it being a Warner Bros. movie.

Will the Minecraft movie be on Disney Plus?

The Minecraft movie will probably not be available to stream on Disney Plus, because Warner Bros. will want people to watch the film in theaters, before moving it to HBO Max.

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