Baldur's Gate 3 Lightning Charges Items List How to Find

Baldur’s Gate 3 Lightning Charges: How to Find Lightning Charge Items

The Baldur’s Gate 3 Lightning Charges trait can be found on multiple weapons and armor in the game. Many of these generate Lightning Charges when the wearer performs a particular action, while others give players a way to spend them on specific abilities. In fact, there are more than enough items that use or stack Lightning Charges that you can make a strong build out of it. Every stack of this trait gives the wearer a +1 to attack rolls and has them deal +1 lightning damage, which are incredible bonuses. Here’s how to find Lightning Charge items throughout BG3.

How to find Baldur’s Gate 3 Lightning Charges items

The following is a list of items that use or gather Lighting Charges:

  • The Joltshooter – This bow gives the wearer 2 Lightning Charges when dealing damage with the weapon. This is a reward option from the Rescue the Grand Duke mission at Waukeen’s Rest near coordinates X -67, Y 603. (Here’s how to put out fires during this mission by the way.)
  • The Sparky Points – The same as the Joltshooter, except this weapon is a spear.
  • The Spellsparkler – The same as the Joltshooter, except this weapon is a staff and the 2 charges are gained by dealing damage with a spell or cantrip.
  • The Real Sparky Sparkswall – This shield spends 4 charges to create an aura that deals 1d6 lightning damage to enemies within it. This is located in a chest in the Grymforge at coordinates X -695, Y 420.
  • The Blast Pendant – This amulet will enhance a lightning spell or cantrip by using a Lightning Charge. It can be found on a drow around the Selumnite Chapel in the Underdark at coordinates X 120, Y -250.
  • The Speedy Lightfeet – These boots generate three charges when the wearer uses a Dash. This can be found in a cellar behind the windmill at Blighted Village near coordinates X -14, Y 434.
  • The Lifebringer – This helmet grants you 3 temp HP whenever the wearer gets a Lightning Charge. It can be purchased from Blurg at Ebonlake Grotto in the Underdark.
  • The Watersparkers – These boots generate three charges when you start a turn in electrified water. This is located in a chest behind Minthara at the ruined temple of Selune near the goblin village.
  • The Protecty Sparkswell – This clothing gives the wearer +1 AC and saving throws if the wearer has Lightning Charges. This is found in a gilded chest at end of a trap corridor near coordinates X -645, Y 360.
  • Jolty Vest – This chest piece will retaliate against attackers by shocking them if they miss a Dex saving throw. This is rewarded by completing the Missing Shipment quest. You need to defeat the gnolls in the northern area of the Risen Road to start this quest.

For clarity, the items above are merely those that we’ve found throughout Act 1. So it’s very possible that there will be more Lightning Charge items that can be found in Act 2 and Act 3.

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We recommend putting these Lightning Charge items on a Rogue, Monk, or Ranger, since they have more ways to dash using a bonus action and generate these charges using The Speedy Lightfoot. In particular, the Monk’s innate ability to attempt three strikes in a turn benefits a lot with high stacks of Lightning Charges. A caster who can use Magic Missile with The Spellsparkler is also a strong combo.

The Lifebringer helmet is a great pairing as well, since these classes tend to be low in HP. As for the reward for the Rescue the Grand Duke mission, the choice between The Joltshooter, The Sparky Points, and The Spellsparkler will depend on whether the user is melee or ranged.

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