Baldur's Gate 3 Mithril Ore Locations Veins Underdark Adamantine Forge

Baldur’s Gate 3 Mithril Ore Locations: Where to Find Ore Veins for Adamantine Forge

The Baldur’s Gate 3 Mithril Ore locations are all located in the Underdark. Mithril Ore is a necessary ingredient in creating some of the most powerful adamantium armor and weapons in Act I, some of which will likely sustain you through Act II and beyond. The mithril ore veins will drop some mithril ore with some damage. You can then place it inside the Crucible at the Adamantite Forge with an appropriate mould. Here is where to find the mithril ore locations around the forge in BG3.

Where are the Baldur’s Gate 3 mithril ore locations?

There are two mithril ore locations or, more specifically, two mithril ore veins that you can find around the Adamantine Forge in the Underdark:

  • The first mithril ore vein can be found in the Abandoned Temple at around coordinates X 646, Y 255.
  • The second mithril ore vein is located near the Abandoned Forge near coordinates X 671, Y 258.
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Unfortunately, these are the only two mithril veins you’ll find around the Grymforge.However, there are six casting moulds so you’ll need to make a decision and turn the mithril ore into what you need most.

We recommend using the ore to create the Adamantine Scale Mail or Adamantine Splint Armour. These very rare equipment pieces reduces incoming damage by 2, causes attackers to get the Reckless condition for 3 turns, and prevents the wearer from critical hits. That’s incredible for any tanky martial fighters in the group. There are also moulds for the Longsword, Mace, and more, so you may want to upgrade your main character’s main weapon too.

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