Baldur's Gate 3 Owlbear Egg Sell or Keep

Baldur’s Gate 3 Owlbear Egg: Should You Sell or Keep It?

The Baldur’s Gate 3 owlbear egg is a unique item that you can find in the owlbear cave close to Emerald Grove. The question, though, is whether you should sell the egg or keep it for some quest later on, especially if there is a way to incubate and hatch it. The cavern has a mother owlbear that you can slay, avoid, or sneak around, with the animal protecting a cub as well as this egg. However you deal with situation, you can grab the owlbear egg from the nest inside. Here’s what to do with the owlbear egg in BG3.

What to do with the Baldur’s Gate 3 owlbear egg

The owlbear egg should be sold for gold. Unfortunately, it can’t be used to hatch your own baby owlbear.

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The raw price of the owlbear egg is 750 gold, which indeed makes it very valuable at the beginning of the game. Using a character with high Charisma, you can sell it to a vendor with high merchant affinity for a lot of extra change.

By the way, if you’re having trouble finding the owlbear egg in your inventory, even if you sort it by the latest item received, it’s actually located in your camp supplies bag. The owlbear egg is only worth 1 camp supplies (which we think is rather low for how big the egg is), so we recommend bringing it out of the bag as soon as you grab it.

But don’t worry, pet lovers! Even if you sell the owlbear egg, you can still get an owlbear cub. If you don’t kill the cub when confronting the mother owlbear, or if you let a group of goblins kill her after you explore the cave, the cub will appear as a prisoner of the goblins. They can be found to the west of the Blighted Village. Speaking with the owlbear cub using Speak with Animals and dealing with the goblins (there are many ways to do that), the cub will eventually visit you several times at camp.

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