Baldur's Gate 3 Shovel Locations Location Where How to Find Get

Baldur’s Gate 3 Shovel Locations: How to Get a Shovel

Several Baldur’s Gate 3 shovel locations can be found near the beginning of the game. This is fortunate because you’ll need a shovel in order to dig up any mounds of dirt that your party can spot throughout the overworld. There are numerous spots on the map where you’ll come across a dirt patch that one of your party members will hopefully be able to spot with a high enough Perception check. And having a shovel around (as nothing else will do apparently) is the only way to interact with these mounds to reveal what is usually a treasure chest. Here’s where you can find a shovel at the start of BG3.

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Baldur’s Gate 3 shovel locations list

Here are several places where you can find a shovel early in your runthrough:

  • Overgrown Ruins Chapel entrance – If you were unable to open the entrance to the Dank Crypt, you can find your through by heading to cliffs overlooking the crypt. This is where you’ll find the Overgrown Ruins, where some treasure hunters are out to protect their potential loot in the Chapel at coordinates X 28, Y 363. Once you deal with them, you can find a shovel at the entrance to the chapel or Refectory.
  • Emerald Grove grave – Once you’re able to enter the Emerald Grove by defeating the goblins trying to raid the area, you can wrap around to the left to find a small graveyard. A shovel will be waiting there for you nearby.
  • Emerald Grove merchants – The first main hub with vendors is Emerald Grove. Inside, you’ll find multiple merchants like Arron the Lightfoot Halfling who might have a shovel in stock.

There are of course other places where you might find a shovel. It’s possible you might find one as random loot in one of many barrels, chests, and crates laying around. Either way, you only need one shovel in your character’s inventory in order to interact with a dirt mound.

Around the crashed nautiloid ship, you can also locate a scuffed rock that hides some great early-game treasure as well.

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