Baldurs Gate 3 FPS Drops Stuttering Freezing Lag Fixes

Baldur’s Gate 3 FPS Drops: How to Fix Stuttering, Freezing, Lag, and Other Performance Issues

There are numerous potential causes of Baldur’s Gate 3 FPS drops. However, if you’re experiencing stuttering, freezing, lag, and other performance issues, you can usually track down the reason fairly easily. So, if you find you have frame drops whenever you play BG3, read on for some fixes.

How to fix Baldur’s Gate 3 FPS drops

Here are a few ways to fix Baldur’s Gate FPS drops, stuttering, freezing, lag, and other issues:

  • Update your driver
  • Turn on DLSS
  • Lower graphics options
  • Lower your resolution
  • Contact support
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Update your GPU driver

Drivers often contain fixes and support for new games. So, if you’re having issues with Baldur’s Gate 3 frame drops, updating your driver can fix things.

Turn on DLSS (Nvidia Only)

If you have an Nvidia 20 Series or newer GPU, you can turn on DLSS for a big boost to your frame rate. This can help alleviate any frame drops, stuttering, or lag you’re experiencing.

Lower graphics options

If you’ve got BG3 maxed out and you’re experiencing performance issues, it’s time to dial things back. The best setting to start with here is shadows. Shadows are one of the most intensive effects, and just lowering them to medium can make a huge difference.

Lower your resolution

If you’re trying to play BG3 at 4K and you’ve got an inconsistent frame rate, think about lowering it to 1080p or 1440p. At 4K, your PC has to output four times the pixels it does at 1080p, which requires quite a bit more power. Lowering the resolution has the biggest effect on your framerate but also drastically impacts visual fidelity, so you’ll want to find a balance you’re happy with.

Contact support

In the strange and wonderful world of PC gaming, it’s possible you’ll run into a niche bug that affects only your particular hardware profile. If you try all the above to no avail, you should contact Larian Studios support. They can help you troubleshoot further and assist you in solving any fringe case issues.

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