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Is There No More Unlimited Google Drive?: Google Workspace Enterprise Storage Full

You’re not alone if you’ve received an email warning that your Google Workspace Enterprise Organization Storage is full. There’s no more unlimited Google Drive as the company has started enforcing its storage limits. Unfortunately, it’s only giving users 60 days to delete excess data, purchase more storage, or have their accounts put into read-only.

Is there no more unlimited Google Drive for Google Workspace Enterprise accounts?

When Google Workspace Enterprise rolled out last year, customers with five or more users could use “as much storage as you need.” People quickly found that this limit wasn’t enforced, and Enterprise accounts with just one user had unlimited Google Drive storage. Unfortunately, Google has changed this policy and made things a lot more complicated.

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According to Google’s Workspace Admin Help page, Google Workspace Enterprise Standard and Plus accounts get 5 TB of storage times the number of End Users. Now, instead of getting unlimited storage automatically, you must have at least five users on your account, and then you’ll need to contact Google Workspace support and request more storage. While it’s not explicitly stated in the documentation, those who have contacted Google to increase their storage claim that representatives told them you can only get a maximum of a 25 TB increase every 90 days.

Enterprise Standard users are billed at $20 apiece, so you’re now looking at a minimum of $100 a month for 25 TB and no guarantee that Google will increase your storage if requested. So, unlimited Google Drive is no more. Unfortunately, there aren’t any great alternatives for large-scale cloud storage, so a lot of peoplee are going to lose a lot of data. Additionally, Google hasn’t stated how long it’ll leave accounts that are over the limit in read-only before purging them. So, you’ll want to act quickly to back it up before you lose ita

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