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iOS 16.5 Emojis: What New Faces and Symbols Were Added?

Users are wondering what new emojis were added in the iOS 16.5 update. Each new version of the operating system has the potential to bring new faces and symbols, but these aren’t necessarily rolled out worldwide. Sometimes, it can take a few updates for everyone to get the new emojis, which is the case this time around.

iOS 16.5 new emojis list

Depending on your location, you got either 21 new emoji in iOS 16.5 or none. The following emoji were released in the US in iOS 16.4 but weren’t available worldwide until the next update hit phones.

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The new emoji are:

  • Donkey: 🫏
  • Flute: 🪈
  • Folding Hand Fan: 🪭
  • Ginger: 🫚
  • Goose: 🫎
  • Grey Heart: 🩶
  • Hair Pick: 🪮
  • Hyacinth: 🪻
  • Jellyfish: 🪼
  • Khanda: 🪯
  • Leftwards Pushing Hand (in six shades): 🫷
  • Light Blue Heart: 🩵
  • Maracas: 🪇
  • Moose: 🫎
  • Pea Pod: 🫛
  • Pink Heart: 🩷
  • Rightwards Pushing Hand (in six shades): 🫸
  • Shaking Face: 🫨
  • Wing: 🪽
  • Wireless (Wi-Fi symbol): 🛜

This most recent collection of emoticons is quite diverse, including everything from animals, musical instruments, and nature symbols to gestures and facial expressions. The emoticons are designed to be inclusive and to provide users with a wider variety of expression options. The donkey and goose emojis expand the animal dominion in the emoji universe, while the flute and maracas are certain to be popular among music enthusiasts.

The hand fan and hair pick emoticons add a new cultural dimension, while the grey, light blue, and pink hearts provide a more nuanced means of expressing emotions. The pea pod and ginger have been added to the list of food-related emoticons. The Wi-Fi symbol is handy when discussing digital communications.

The leftwards and rightwards pushing hand emoticons, which come in six different colors, are a notable feature that promotes diversity and inclusivity in communication. The trembling face emoji provides a new way for users to express their emotions.

Again, these emoji have already been released with iOS 16.4 in some territories. Only some iOS users will get them with iOS 16.5.

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