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Threads Subscriber Count: How Many User Sign-Ups Are There?

The Threads subscriber count continues to swell with Meta’s new social platform by Instagram. The current user count has grown by the day since its launch on July 6, with Mark Zuckerburg making new posts on the platform revealing how many new sign-ups there have been. Indeed, Threads has crossed the 1 million user threshold faster than other social media networks in part because it’s so easy for existing Instagram users to sign up for the app on iPhone and Android. The user count has broken records that has made many call Threads a major competitor to Twitter, which has made controversial moves with daily limits. Here’s how many users have signed up for Threads so far.

What is the Threads subscriber count?

The current subscriber count on Threads is approximately 108 million users, as of July 12, 2023.

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This estimate is based on an approximation by Quiver Quantitative, a data platform meant for retail investors to make decisions. So you can go there if you want to know the latest figure. Of course, this user count is increasing steadily every day, so that 108 million figure will likely be eclipsed soon. At this pace, by the end of July 2023 the user count could be more than double at over 200 million users.

According to Zuckerberg in a post he wrote on Threads, the platform has reached 100 million users by July 10, 2023, in just five days since the launch of the app. He claims that the majority of the growth was made through “organic demand” and that the platform hasn’t “even turned on many promotions yet.” Indeed, users can’t yet advertise on Threads, though Meta is looking to bring sponsors from Instagram over to Threads as soon as it can.

Threads also hasn’t launched in the EU yet due to privacy concerns over data collection. But if Meta is able to change the app’s policies enough to satisfy EU regulations, it will open itself to many new regions for additional growth in subscribers.

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