The Password Game Find the Country Name

Password Game Rule 14: How to Find the Name of the Country

Rule 14 of The Password Game requires you to include the name of the country shown in the image. It’s the same concept as GeoGuessr and can be incredibly difficult if you’re not a geography enthusiast. Fortunately, you can follow a few tips to find the name of the country in The Password Game.

How to find the country name in The Password Game

The key to finding the country’s name in The Password Game is to ensure the image has enough clues for you to find the solution. For example, if you get a photo of a random desert, you likely won’t be able to determine what country it’s in without random guessing.

So, before you attempt to find the country’s name, copy your current password as of Rule 14, and then reload the page. To restore your progress, just paste your password back in and re-enter the captcha. Do this until a picture appears with some unique characteristics.

To find out which country the picture was taken in for The Password Game, look for these clues:

  • Google Street Names: If the image that loads has a street labeled by Google, you’ve got a golden ticket. Google the street name and then input the country it gives you. This won’t work 100% of the time, but you can at least drastically narrow down which country is featured in the image.
  • Writing: Be on the lookout for signage. If you can figure out the alphabet in use or the local language, you’ll be able to narrow down which country it may be quickly. If you’re especially lucky, you might see a sign with a location name.
  • License Plates: License plates can be hard to spot on Google Maps, but they can tell you exactly where you are if you’re lucky.
  • Architecture: Each region of the world has unique architecture. Look at the styles of buildings, especially older ones, to find clues.
  • Religious Iconography: If you happen to see any religious icons, it may help you to discern the location.

With some luck, using the clues above, you should be able to eventually find the country name in the image for The Password Game.

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