Nintendo Switch Online Game Boy and GBA Games List Revealed at Nintendo Direct

Nintendo has finally announced Game Boy and Game Boy Advance are games coming to Nintendo Switch Online. All members will get access to Game Boy games, but the GBA titles require the Expansion Pass.

There are a lot of games here, and we’ve got the full list to break down for you.

Nintendo Switch Online Game Boy game list

The following games are available today:

  • Tetris
  • Super Mario Land 2 – 6 Golden Coins
  • The Legend Of Zelda: Links Awakening DX
  • Gargoyle’s Quest
  • Game & Watch Gallery 3
  • Alone In The Dark: The New Nightmare
  • Metroid II: Return Of Samus
  • Wario Land 3
  • Kirby’s Dreamland

The following games will be released in the future:

  • The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons
  • The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages
  • Pokemon Trading Card Game
  • Kirby Tilt N Tumble

Nintendo Switch Online Game Boy Advance Games

Now we move onto the Game Boy Advance games, the games that are available in full color (and were actually designed in full color, unlike the filter used for Game Boy titles). Available right now are the following:

  • Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 (with 38 levels from e-reader)
  • WarioWare: Mega Microgames
  • Kuru Kuru Kuruin
  • Mario Kart: Super Circuit
  • Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga
  • The Legend Of Zelda: The Minnish Cap

The following list of games will be coming to the service in the future:

  • Metroid Fusion
  • Kirby: The Amazing Mirror
  • Fire Emblem
  • F-Zero: Maximum Velocity
  • Golden Sun

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