The Callisto Protocol Full Playthrough

The Callisto Protocol Full Playthrough Leaks on Twitch

Things aren’t looking good for The Callisto Protocol in its build-up to release. The new horror game from Striking Distance Studios and Dead Space director Glen Schofield has already suffered a few hours of footage leaking online steadily this past week. And now, just days out from the release of the game, a full playthrough has leaked.

The Callisto Protocol Leaked on Twitch

The offender was Twitch user “thaiger_gnasher_,” who spent around 15 hours streaming the entire Callisto Protocol story from start to finish. At this time of writing, the VOD of the stream remains live over on Twitch. 

This obviously spells a disaster for the team over at Striking Distance Studios, as having a game spoiled before review embargos have even lifted is a monumental disappointment. However, comments from users clearly happy to be spoiled are sounding like it’s far from a disappointment in the gameplay department.

u/greenarrow_92 on Reddit says: “Looks very solid, survival horror fans eating good.”

Debates relating to the game’s length of approximately 14-15 hours for a survival horror game are already raging too, with user AlsopK stating: 

“Horror games definitely don’t need the extra bloat. Longer they drag on the less scary they end up being.”

Game length will forever be a sordid debate between players, but from what we can glean, the Callisto Protocol is set up to be a strong and solid entry into the horror genre.

The Callisto Protocol releases on PC, Playstation 4, 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One on December 2, 2022.

For those wondering about GR’s thoughts on the game, here are our hands-on impressions. And here’s the need-to-know info about post-launch DLC and update plans.

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