Is I Am Groot Canon and Where Does It Fit Into the MCU Timeline? Disney Plus Has the Answer…

While Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn and Marvel Studios Animation boss Brad Winderbaum disagree about whether or not the new series of shorts I Am Groot is canon, Disney Plus seems to have made its own mind up. The powers that be have now officially placed all five episodes of the show into their MCU timeline, showing exactly where the series fits in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

When does I Am Groot take place in the MCU timeline?

Image: Marvel Studios

Disney Plus has quickly confirmed where I Am Groot slots into the MCU timeline, by adding the five episodes to their ‘Marvel Cinematic Universe in Timeline Order’ section. Episode 1 takes place after the events of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1, but before Vol. 2, with the remaining four shorts all commencing after the chaos of Vol. 2 has wrapped up.

This makes sense, as Episode 1 is titled Groot’s First Steps, while the other four follow a much more confident and outgoing version of the fan-favorite character.

Is I Am Groot canon?

Gunn, who helms the Guardians franchise and worked as a producer on I Am Groot, has said that the episodes are “not necessarily” part of the Guardians series. Then asked if this meant they were not canon, he cryptically replied: “They’re canon to themselves, I’d think.”

Marvel Studios’ Winterbaum appeared to recently disagree, saying (via comicbook): “It’s a narrow window, right? It takes place between the end of Guardians 2 and before the tag scene in Guardians 2. So it’s in this narrow window where Groot is in that kind of post-toddler stage of development.”

Though nobody can seem to agree on where or if I Am Groot takes place in the official MCU continuity, it seems pretty clear that the five shorts are simply there to provide some heart-warming, feel-good moments, rather than deliver a huge narrative shift to proceedings.

All five episodes of I Am Groot are available to stream now on Disney Plus. There’s no word yet on whether or not we will get a second season.

In other news, there’s talk of the Punisher returning to the MCU, while Warner Bros. allegedly want Henry Cavill to return as Superman in the DC Extended Universe.

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